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The only U.S.A. designed and built 1x1s. These color-tunable LED lights come with V-Lock or Gold Mount Battery Plate – plus NEW Free DV Battery plate included, so you’re free to use $79 pro DV batteries to run the lights for over 1 hour!  

Now with FREE DV Battery Adapter! [$75 dollar value]

Output is 2X the intensity of the original 1x1 LED panel [comparable to a 1000W Soft light], without the harsh glare and multiple shadows of competitors TIR optics.

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Lights Designed and Built in the U.S.A. 

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 (using U.S.A. and overseas components)

The new VISUAL BUDDHA™ variable color LED 1x1 panels offer High 94+ CRI, high quality, soft, directional light at an affordable price. Backed by industry professionals, the Visual Buddha LED 1x1 Bi-Color light comes with a free V-Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate mounted to the back panel, and features the ability to instantly dial up color temperatures from cool-white daylight to warm-white tungsten (and anywhere in between).

Visual Buddha Features

  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Variable Color 3000K to 6000K LED Fixture
  • High 94+ CRI LED Technology, with extended spectrum for great skin tones
  • 100% to 0 dimming w/ no noticeable color shift
  • Free battery adapter plate included (V-Mount or Gold Mount)
  • NEW: Free additional DV battery adapter plate included (Sony) - now use $75 DV batteries for over 1-hour battery operation!
  • Operates on AC adapter or DC battery 
  • High quality, lightweight and portable
  • Silent operation (no fan)
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle
  • Comparable light output of 1000w soft light
  • Runs over 2 hours on a single battery [over 1 hour on DV Battery]

2 Models: Bi-Color Spot (30º) or Bi-Color Flood (60º)

Available individually, or as a Two-Light Pro Kit including 1 Bi-Color Spot and 1 Bi-Color Flood fixture w/travel case

Winner of 'Best Product of the Year Award'

"Visual Buddha’s LED 1x1 Bi-Color light panel is a real winner"



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